My Story

Talking about myself is super awkward. But, if I had to tell you something I would say:

I love Jesus. His steady hand of grace in my life is evident in the way He hasn't allowed me to self-destruct. Like anyone, there have been highs and lows. Jesus has brought me through it every time and refined me in the process. 

I am obsessed with anything creative. From my husband and I's photography business, Pharris Photography, to DIY-ing, perfecting my home, sewing, forcing my siblings & Ellie (my daughter) to try new arts and crafts with me....I am a lover of beautiful things that can be created with my hands.

I love my husband, Josh! His kindness, and ability to put up with me is unreal. We met in college (Baylor University, Sic' Em!) and have been connected at the hip since. His desire to succeed in whatever he does, fills me with awe and aspiration every day. 

I'm a mommy as of December 2015 and made a mommy of two as of February of 2018!  I'm filled with joy that I have a chance to nurture and mold our sweet little girl, Ellie and our boy, JT. But, I'm most certainly not perfect and we are learning as we go!

I hope you guys will join me on this life journey!