An Open Door

On mother’s day at my aunt’s house, someone left the front door wide open. While no one was looking, a bird flew right in. Josh and I were sitting on a couch facing the front door watching as the bird swooped in with no warning and no delay. While no was looking or standing guard, a bird hastened inside fluttering about hitting windows and walls. Finally, it perched itself on a delicate chandelier. I would testify to the fact that I saw it raise it’s feather booty in preparation to relieve itself all over the chandelier and dining room table. 😩😱Just at that moment, my uncle rushed in with a pool net prompting it to fly away.

But, the bird wasn’t so easily caught. It flew into another part of the house with higher ceilings that seemed unreachable. It was hectic. The bird flew so wild and sporadically I was doubtful it would be caught. From my safe corner as a spectator, I watched as three men and a pool net struggled with a tiny but mighty bird until it was caught and released back to where it came. All of that, because someone carelessly left a door open.

When we leave the door open to our hearts, uninvited sin will fly right in determined to wreak havoc. Sin doesn’t need a special invite, just an open unwatched door. And when it’s in, it’s not so easily removed. So we have a choice. We can be spectators in our own lives, sitting back, watching and even commenting as sin flutters around uncontrollably. Or, we can bring the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit into battle, with the Word of God as our sword, to capture the sin that has run amuck in our life. .

Proverbs 4:23 “Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that’s where life starts.”

Romans 8:13 “For if your life is just about satisfying the impulses of your sinful nature, then prepare to die. But if you have invited the Spirit to destroy these selfish desires, you will experience life.”