Let Him Lead You

We usually stop at the Buckee's in between Houston and Dallas during our back and forth trips for work. The last time we made our usual stop was Saturday and Buckee’s was swarming with people. Seeing the maze of people we had to make our way through, I placed my hand on the bottom of Ellie’s neck as a steering wheel through the crowd she couldn’t see over.

When Ellie was distracted by candy, chips, or a toy she would turn sharply to saunter off in another direction. The more she tried to venture off, the firmer my hand steered and corrected her. Guidance was more painful and difficult when she thought she knew enough to go her own way. It was easier for her to go where I was guiding her than to struggle against it and fight for her own way. Not only did I know what and who was coming at us, I knew which route was safe right, and would benefit us the most.

God has His gentle hand placed firmly and on the shoulders of his children. He has a better view and knows more than we think we do. It’s easier to lean into His direction than resist his mindful guidance. Resisting causes our own selves more pain, struggle, and time. When the path we’ve chosen is giving us resistance and nothing seems to be going the way we planned, we have to stop and ask ourselves if we’re fighting against God’s firm but gentle hand on our lives. Although at times uncomfortable to follow Him without being in the driver’s seat, combating His direction is painful and will surely lead us down the wrong road.

Isaiah 30:21 “Your teacher will be right there, local and on the job, urging you on whenever you wander left or right: “This is the right road. Walk down this road.”