I had my brothers for the day earlier this week and I was interrogating them about what they learned at Pine Cove while they were there for two weeks. My oldest little brother was joking around, giving me NOTHING. I kept pressing him and finally said that if he really didn’t learn anything, that it would make me really sad. He kind of looked at me weird and blurted out, “when did you get so spiritual Sister.” 😂 It totally cracked me up. But, he was right. There’s been a total shift in my mindset recently, which has absolutely been reflected in the things I talk about in person and especially on social media.

So sitting in the middle of Heaven on earth (a.k.a Chik fil a) with my teenage brother, I really thought about why my love for Jesus has been coming out in such bold ways recently. The answer was, Wynter. I told him that her passing emotionally punched me and made me grasp that this isn’t it. When God said that this life is “a vapor, a breath, a passing shadow,” He meant it. We will spend trillions upon trillions of years in eternity with Him and this life is a test of total devotion to Him. If you believe in Him, you’ll make it into heaven, but you aren’t guaranteed a prime position. God judges that based on how well you lived for Him while you were here.

I don’t want there to be a question or doubt that He was #1 while I was here on earth, because He is and will always be. So go ahead and unfollow me now if you’re tired of these long posts pointing to Jesus.lol We are his creatures and we were created to be loved by Him and to love Him in return. We weren’t created to live this life selfishly for ourselves. We were created to be living arrows, that use the talents, gifts, and abilities he’s given us to point directly back to Him and His goodness. The goal is to hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” I hope I can continue to encourage you towards that goal as well.

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