Self-Shot Maternity Photos!

We are perfectionists when it comes to photography. We can't help it! When I was thinking about my maternity photos I knew exactly what I wanted. But, I really wanted it to be shot by us! So, we were in a catch-22. Then we decided we would take a leap of faith (in ourselves) and commit to executing the whole shoot on our own. 

Boy, was it worth it! Not only was it a hilarious experience but it was a memory we made and will always have. Tripods, sensors, self-timers, and lots of patience got us through the special day. We couldn't think of a better way to end our blog for the year than sharing our own session with you! We hope you enjoy and check back for a pregnancy announcement around Christmas! (December 26th due date) 

*Hey yall! This is Joshua typing now, Kariss doesn't know I came in and am making my voice heard on this beautiful blog post she spent so much time creating but I just wanted everyone to know she is a beast! Not only is she the best wife, photographer, designer, all around creative guru but she has been an awesome mother to our little princess and has been a pro at creating LIFE!! I'm still astonished at her will, and passion to create things of beauty and quality. This shoot is just a small representation of just that and what I get to experience day in and day out! So yall please help me out and leave some encouragement and let my gorgeous wife know how wonderful she is and how beautiful the shoot turned out! Were on our last stretch of our first pregnancy and our baby will be here in no time. Thank you all for your continued support, prayers, and encouragement! I LOVE YOU BABY, WE GOT THIS! - Joshua Farris*

Makeup: Damn Glamorous 

Green Dress: Made by Kariss

Sequin Skirt: Made by Kariss

White Sweater: Gap

Gold Bow: Made by Kariss 

Earrings: BHLDN

Josh's Suit Jacket's : J.Crew

Josh's Pants & Jeans: Gap