The Office Reno


I feel like I waited to finish this office since the beginning of time. I was tempted be to a nagger wife and dwell in frustration every time I caught a peak of the mess. But, God was teaching me patience and I didn’t want to draw out the lesson by rebelling against His plans for my character growth

It’s no coincidence that Fruits of the spirit are called *fruits*. Fruits take TIME to ripen. The patience God was instilling in me took time to ripen. The wait to finish my office was necessary for my character. To mold us, God will take the time needed for us to develop the trait He is creating in us.

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and self-control are the fruits, and God will use our life situations to develop these fruits within us. Don’t be surprised when just like fruit, your character development takes time to ripen. Dwell in the lesson, not the situation. Allow God to ripen your spirit in due time. 

Table Tops

Table Trestles

Josh’s Lamp - Ikea (unavailable)

Kariss’ Lamp - Target (unavailable) Similar lamp linked



Accessories (Plants, Pencil Holders, Etx) Target & Ikea

Built In - Custom

Paint Color - Black Black Behr

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