Pure Joy

Joshua (my husband) and I had a fantastic plan. We would get married after college, work hard, move into a house, wait 2 or 3 years and then start having babies. So far into our marriage things were going according to our "perfect plan." Seven months in however, I had an eerie feeling that I couldn't explain. I decided to take a pregnancy test just to ease my mind...

Pregnant. I slumped to the floor in my bathroom and sobbed. Our perfect plan was ruined! I was sure Josh was going to kill me when he got home from work. So, I called my best friend and told her the news hoping she could shed a light of positivity on the situation. She led me to James 1:2, "Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance." Pure joy.  Those two words resinated with me, so I gathered myself and headed to the nearest Target to find a joyful way of telling my husband we were going to have a baby. 

I cleaned the house, set a nice environment, and braced myself for the worst. 

"You're whatttt??? How???????" He was just as stunned as I was just a few hours earlier. He dropped his head in his hands and said,"I'm 25 and my life is over!"

After trying to figure out the exact moment a child was made, we gave up and sat in silence trying to digest the situation.  We were both worried, afraid, and downright concerned about our futures, so we called it a night. Late that evening, in the middle of Josh's usually heavy sleep, I caught him rubbing my stomach. "Consider it pure joy," I thought. 

Now, we are 4 months into this pregnancy and more excited than ever! Children are a blessing and we are overjoyed to start our family. Our plans, are not and will never be God's plan. So, we consider it pure joy that the testing of our faith, will produce perseverance, which we will desperately need when baby Farris is crying in the middle of the night! 

Stay tuned for more blog posts documenting this insane experience!