Growing Pains

I'm a little embarrassed that with my 1st pregnancy I haven't documented more. I had grand plans and full Pinterest boards of pregnancy documentation ideas. None of which have been done. Bummer. 

As I approach 20 Weeks on Saturday (5 Months) I'm realizing that things are happening, and FAST. My stomach and hips are doing strange things, I'm still on the search for "the glow", and this mini person growing inside of me is stretching out spaces and causing me beautiful growing pains. 

Going through this process has reminded me of our faith as Christians. We are called not to live spiritually sedentary lives. Growing is apart of the gracious deal we've been dealt. However, that doesn't mean growing is an easy process. There will most certainly be stretching, pulling, and a little resistance. But, in the end, without growth, there is no gain. 


I could slide on some Spanx. Or, even one of those waist trainers. However, fighting the growth that is bound to happen is only going to make my life more difficult and painful than it has to be. Releasing my body to accept the imminent growth, though uncomfortable, is a lot easier than fighting it. 

What area of your life is God challenging your growth? Are you fighting it? Or, are you accepting the growing pains in the knowledge that God is perfecting the good work He created in you.