You Were Made For This Mama

Today when it was time for Ellie to come out of the water, I called for her and said “5 more minutes!” She screamed at the top of her lungs while pointing her short stubby finger my direction “NO, I NOT GET OUT! I stay HERE MOMMYYYY!”I finally understood what my mom meant we she would say she “blacked out.”

I was this close👌🏾to snatching her, but two things hit me:

1. Everyone on the beach was looking at me to see what I would do.🤦🏽‍♀️

2. I remembered the letter my mom wrote me when I was pregnant with Ellie. To this day, I can’t read it without balling my eyes out.

It’s a long letter. But today, what i thought about the most was being Ellie’s keeper. God created us with each other in mind. Everything she needs in a mother, I was equipped with. I’m her prayer worrier and the first person after God to know she existed. I will always be in her corner to fight for her. Which today looked like fighting against her sin nature to talk to her mother like she’d lost her mind. .

So I gracefully walked over to her, pulled her out of the water early, got on her level and explained why she had to get out early through toddler tears. Mama’s you were made for this. Your babies were made with you in mind. Trust the Holy Spirit to tell you what to do and when. We GOT THIS. 💪🏽