Ellie Turns One & Our Year In Review

The day of Ellie's shoot I woke up at 6am to prepare everything I had collected over the past few weeks. Everything was going so well when assembling it, like I had planned in my head. When I went outside to add florals to the wall, it started raining and I broke down crying. All of the planning and hard work I had done! I had even checked the weather every day the week prior. Since it was only sprinkling I gathered myself, wrapped my hair, and continued on. 

When Ellie arrived, she had just woken up from a nap and was rested. However, she wasn't her particularly smiley self. While I was shooting, Josh & my aunt Kanika along side of my brother Joel and cousin Kelsey tried EVERYTHING. You should have seen us we were making COMPLETE fools of ourselves.... and nothing. She was pleasant and making funny faces at us, she just didn't feel like smiling.lol On the brink of tears (again), I just brushed it off and continued on. 

Later that day, I wrapped up the wall (flowers & tulle still attached) and used yarn and blankets to attach it to the top of my Toyota Camry. Don't ask.lol I drove 10 mph, in the rain & wind, with my hand out of the window to secure the wall as I drove. Yal, never again! lol But, it turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Looking at the photos you would never know how crazy of a day it turned out to be. All of the hard work that I put into the shoot for Ell Bell was so worth it. 

Ellie's shoot was the perfect depiction of our year. Operating a quickly growing business (while married) isn't roses all the time. It's filled with really hard work, figuring out how in the world things are going to work, and making things work. There have been tears (mainly me), hilarious stories, and "we are never doing that again" moments. But most of all, we have learned to pick ourselves up, brush it off and continue on. And as we look back on our memories and the incredible photos we've taken, we realize how truly beautiful our year has been and hope you do the same. 

Happy New Year! 

Announcement! We at Pharris Photos will be doing styled shoot mini sessions for babies & toddlers in Houston & Dallas in March & April! If you would be interested, comment below your city and a theme idea. Can't wait! :) 

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