Monthly Floral Photo (with giveaway!)

Hey Guys! I'm excited to show you how I get Ellie's floral photo every month! Better late than never right! 

I want you guys to do this photo at home with your little ones... get creative! As a little incentive, I'll be doing a giveaway! Hashtag #Ellieturnsone on Instagram and on December 24th, Ellie's birthday, I will pick my favorite photos and send that mom a Christmas care package! 

The last day will be December 24th!

Get to snappin! 

Update** All 12 Months Complete! 


-12-24 roses (depending on your monthly number) 

- Scissors

- A light colored blanket (mine is from home goods) 

- A window

- A small stepping stool

- A camera, Ipad, or Iphone

- A happy baby

Step 1 :

Cut the flowers off of the stem. I usually try to by my flowers a week in advance. One, so i can enjoy them before I cut them to bits. Two, so that they have a little time to wilt. They are prettier that way!

Step 2: 

Lay out your blanket below a window with lots of natural light! Us the day before to scout which windows in your house are best. Make sure that the blanket is straight so that you don't see any wrinkles in your photos 

Step 3: 

Lay out your flowers! Get creative here. :) 


Step 4: 

Solicit help! Get a friend, your husband, anyone who can make your baby smile. I've done it a couple of times by myself. Although it is doable, it's a lot harder!

Step 5: 

Take the photo! Be patient, it takes time some days. Especially if your baby can roll over and walk. Don't get frustrated, because your baby can sense that. Just keep it fun, roll him/her back over and try again! 


Can't wait to see what you come up with!