the Birth Bag List

When I was pregnant with Ellie I went ALL OUT. Nursery done at 25 weeks, birthing center bag packed at 30 weeks, I was rested, relaxed, and ready for birth by the time I was full term. It's safe to say that the 2nd go around has not been the same. 


I put out a post recently, talking about how unprepared and disheveled I am at the realization that I will be full term next week and I was shocked at how many women were not only in the same place as I am, but also due around the same time! So, I dug into a folder on my computer I had so diligently created for Ellie's birth, and found the most amazing lists! A "birthing center packing list" and a "don't leave the house without..." list that I posted on our back door so we wouldn't forget anything while running out! Since I'm 38 weeks and have no bag packed, this list is about to come in handy during my Target trip today.


Although I planned to give birth to Ellie at a birthing center, I labored for 16 hours there and then headed to a hospital for that good ole' Epidural. The list that I had combined and created was totally perfect for both the birthing center and the hospital! I ended up needing a lot of these items for the 2 day hospital stay so I am proud that this list took care of all my needs. 

I've made a few cuts and additions to the list based on having already given brith once and having a better idea of what I need and don't need. Hopefully this helps all of you last minute birth bag packers like it's going to help me this today as I pack this bag! 

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