JT's Birth Story

11:30am on Tuesday February 27th I had my first contraction, which wisely, Josh knew was labor. I however, was in complete denial, and hopped in the car to make my 12pm eyelash appointment. After 5-10 minutes of driving and pulling over every contraction, I called my sweet midwife, Kasie and told her I should probably come in (just to check things out because I was adamant I was not in labor). Then I circled back home for Josh, who was in the cutest frenzy of panic and excitement.lol

I couldn't have dreamed up a more perfect labor (other than the extreme pain part.) Josh and I had a chance to labor alone before any family arrived. Seeing him cry about the soon coming birth of his son, made me break ALL the way down. Tears were flowing heavily. lol Then, my aunt Kanika and mom arrived in perfect timing to help me through labor and be calm in the storm of intense pain. 

Labor stalled after I got a little too cozy and relaxed in the birthing pool. But, my smart midwife, Kasie knew exactly what I needed. Climbing stairs to Chance the Rapper and then hanging out in an inverted position was next, and it caused my water to break. Then, things really got poppin'! (See what I did there, "poppin") 

After my water broke, there was an hour and 15 minutes before baby Josh arrived. The most intense hour and fifteen minutes OF MY LIFE. I suddenly was confused about why anyone would choose to have a natural birth and started to mentally calculate the time it would take to get to a hospital for an epidural... and maybe a psych hold, because I must have lost my mind thinking a natural birth was what I wanted. My aunt Priscilla's plane landed and she arrived 30 minuted before our baby did. I think mentally I was waiting for her to get there, and once i saw her from the corner of my eye, I knew my whole crew was there and it was time to have a baby.

If you've had a natural birth, you know there comes a point where you get the heavy urge to push and it FREAKS. you. out. It feels like a bowling ball is trying to escape from your lady bits. (In my case a 10lb 4oz bowling ball.) Then, there is wave after wave of pain, my rest periods were gone and it was time to get in the water to push. Pushing is a powerful feeling. A light at the end of a tunnel. Then, RELIEF! I'll never forget the feeling of getting that baby out of there! I just kind of wanted to take a nap immediately. But, then I remember looking down, seeing Josh catch him, and realizing he was completely limp and not making a sound. 

Total panic. I felt frozen because of the final relief of birth and terrified because I couldn't do anything to help him breathe. A minute and forty-five seconds later he took his first breath. And I thought labor was long. How about waiting to hear your little boy cry? Hearing my aunt Priscilla pray fervently (See what I did there "fervent" haha) was the only thing that kept me from being hysterical. But my midwives worked quick and intentionally. Jesus had his hand on them as they got our little boy to cry. 

They told me a boy would "feel" different for a mom. And, they were right. Besides the fact that I literally felt him coming out.lol My heart is 2x softer. My sweet baby Josh, we love you so much and getting you here was surely a labor of love.